Handheld Routing

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  • Create beautiful designs with the SpiroCrafter and elegant inlays with the Inlay Kit

    The user manual contains 25 design ideas, plus instructions on the best way to create your own designs. Multiple sizes of common inlay shapes are also included. The pencil guide and pencil duplicate the cutting path of the router allowing you to practice your designs before cutting the project material.  

    Kit includes: TurnLock™ Base Plate, 3 TurnLock™ Bushings, Centering pin, 6.4mm V-Groove and 3.2mm spiral router bits, Template base, 4 Templates, Pencil Guide, Pencil, Mounting Screws, and Manual.

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  • Use your router to convert almost any kind of art into a stunning reproduction in wood

    Using a variety of router bits, you can create carvings from 2D templates and 3D models.  Five font stencils and several classic line drawings are provided, or develop your own using anything from colouring books to art printed from your computer.

    Mounts to any router with a 6in or smaller base. Template can be up to 610x305mm in size.  Frame is adjustable to produce a finished product 40%, 50% or 60% the size of the source material, with height ranging from 81 – 122mm and unlimited length. Frame is made from high impact styrene resin, providing both strength and light weight.

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  • The time-tested, user-proven technique and standard of tools for creating professional grade signs.

    At the core of the Milescraft® SignMaking Kits is TurnLock™ technology and the adjustable clamping system that helps you create professional looking signs with your router up to 36in in length. The character templates, made of durable polymer material, are self-spacing so there is no measuring required. Both kits include a TurnLock™ BasePlate that will fit most routers. With TurnLock™ as an integral feature on the Base Plate, bushing exchange is tool-free, hardware-free, and takes only seconds.

    For over 40 years, serious hobbyists have relied on Milescraft's® SignCrafter™ and SignPro™ to help them make vertical and horizontal signs of the highest quality with ease.


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  • Fast, easy, tool-free exchange of guide bushings on any router - the only product of its kind!

    Forget fumbling with tiny bolts and screwdrivers. The TurnLock™ concept turns changing guide bushings, and installing router attachments, into a simple matter of a 1/4 twist.  Just align the TurnLock™ bushing inside the TurnLock™ base, and twist. The cogs on the outside of the bushing slip into the slots on the inside of the base, locking the bushing in place.  Reverse the process to remove the bushing. The TurnLock™ Base Plate is made from clear resin that greatly increases the user's visibility of the work area, and allows for a more consistent alignment of router bits with any template shape. The TurnLock™ base attaches to any of the Milescraft® router attachments via the same principle...align and twist.

    The set contains - 

    - 7in universal TurnLock™ Base Plate that will fit most routers up to 3HP
    - Centering Pin, which aids in an accurate one-time centering of base plate and bushings
    - The 8 most popular size bushings - 
             - 5/16in
             - 3/8in
             - 7/16in
             - 1/2in
             - 2x 5/8in (one standard and one long length)
             - 51/64in
             - 9/16in
             - PLUS a top hat adaptor that converts Porter Cable-style metal bushings into TurnLock™ Quick Change Bushings.

    Also available separately are the complete set of bushings. The perfect companion to Milescraft products that don’t have complete set such as Router Guide and sign-making kits.

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  • Increase security and privacy in your home by replacing interior and exterior doors without damaging the jamb or door frame with the DoorMorticeKit™ from Milescraft®. By routing matching mortices for hinges, as well as strike and latch plates into the door and jamb, you won't have to tear a hole in the wall just to hang a better wooden door. Featuring an easy to use drop-in template design with a sturdy steel frame, this kit comes with everything you need for virtually all hinges on 35mm and 45mm doors and jambs.

    Simply set the door thickness selector knob, attach to the door or jamb, drop in the plainly marked template for your door hardware, and rout! Includes a durable tungsten carbide tipped 1/2in router bit with ball bearing, eliminating the need for guide bushings. Also includes an Easy Measure Guide where we have done the math and made it simple for you to get standard industry placement of your door hardware.

    Centered tabs on each template ensure complete accuracy. This product is packaged in a clamshell that snaps shut to act as a hanging storage container for your templates when not in use. Simply cut off the package seal edge when opening for reuse.


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