Face Moulding Router Bit Set

  • Face Moulding Router Bit Set FMSET-07-H

    For the greatest freedom of choice of face moulding bits in the Australian market today for a gret price, you can't go past the face mould set. The set includes the four common face moulding bits as well as three more that are not readily available so you can choose from some unique profiles. Great as a gift for those who have almost everything.

    Product Code Shank Size Cutting Depth
    Cutting Depth
    Cutting Height
    Cutting Height
    Overall Length
    FM-01-BH 1/2in 4.8 3/16in 41.3 1 5/8in 90.5
    FM-02-BH 1/2in 4.8 3/16in 34.9 1 3/8in 85.7
    FM-03-BH 12in 7.9 5/16in 38.1 1 1/2in 87.3
    FM-04-BH 1/2in 15.9 5/8in 28.6 1 1/8in 53.6
    FM-05-BH 1/2in 4.8 3/16in 41.3 1 5/8in 90.5
    FM-06-BH 1/2in 12.7 1/2in 38.1 1 1/2in 87.7
    FM-07-BH 1/2in 6.4 1/4in 44.5 1 3/4in 90.5


    $229.00 (inc GST)

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