881 Series Solid Surface No-drip Router Bits

  • 881 Series Solid Surface No-drip Router Bits 88150111

    This bit is designed to create “no-drip” edges on kitchen and vanity counter tops. Designed for hand-held portable routers on applications where a guide bearing cannot be used. This one bit will cut both the outer and inner profiles creating slightly raised edge, controlling spilled liquids.
    Product Code Shank Size (S) Cutting Radius (R) Cutting Diameter Metric (D) Cutting Diameter Imp'l (D) Cutting Length Imp'l (I) Overall Length (L)
    881.501.11 1/2in 5/16in 25.4 1in 1/2in 2-1/2in
    $37.00 (inc GST)

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