800 Series Three Wing Slot Cutter Sets

  • 800 Series Three Wing Slot Cutter Sets 80050611

    Create slots, grooves and rabbets in materials from 3,2mm (1/8") to 18mm (23/32") in depth by using the adjustable CMT three wing slot cutter set. See chart below for details on spacing and correct cutter combinations. Ideal for biscuit joints and milling perfect tongue and groove joints. Sets include:

    - 4 carbide tipped cutters 3,2mm (1/8"), 4mm (5/32"), 4,8mm (3/16"), 6,4mm (1/4").

    - A 12mm (15/32") or 12,7mm (1/2") arbor.
    - A 22mm (7/8") ball bearing for a cutting depth up to 12,7mm (1/2").
    - 17 shims in different sizes.
    Shop tips: the 791.711.00 bearings kit allows for 6,35 (1/4") and 9,5mm (3/8") cutting depth.
    Product Code Shank Size (S) Cutting Diameter Metric (D) Cutting Diameter Imp'l (D) Cutting Length 1 (I1) Cutting Length (I) Cutting Depth (H) Overall Length (L)
    800.506.11 1/2in 47.6 1-7/8in 1/8in 23/32in 1/2in 3-3/16in


    $119.00 (inc GST)

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