800 Series Box Joint Router Bits

  • 800 Series Box Joint Router Bits 80061611

    This router allows you to carry out accurate and functional finger joints in a much easier way. Without any adjustment you will be able to work woods with different thicknesses as indicated in the drawing. The bearing allows you to reach a 9,5mm (3/8") cutting depth. For further cutting depths you need to use a fence.


    Product Code Shank Size Cutting Diameter Metric (D) Cutting Diameter Imp'l (D) Maximum Stock Thickness (T) Cutting Depth (H) Overall Length (L)
    800.616.11 1/2" 47.6mm 1-7/8" 1-9/16" 3/8" 3-13/16"


    $142.00 (inc GST)

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