24x16in MDF/Phenolic Deluxe Router Table Kit

  • 24x16in MDF/Phenolic Deluxe Router Table Kit RT-2716-K6

    What gives this kit the deluxe title? Its contains literally every single component and accessory that you could need that can be bolted on this table. The core is still the high-quality, heavy-duty 32mm MDF/phenolic 610 x 406mm table and matching stand, with switch and mitre guide, plus the solid Super-Flat Fence and on top of that you get the following items included in the kit - 

    This kit has proved popular with woodworkers who need the best in precision and functionality but work in a tight space and need something that is relatively easy to handle as the total kit once assembled (minus the router) weighs in at a little over 40kg - with the lift and router removed this drops back to around 32-33kg.

    $1,399.00 (inc GST)
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