Router Raizer Height Winder Kit

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    Router Raizer Height Winder Kit RZ-200

    Tired of fighting aftermarket or stock knobs and cranks under the table and not having enough hands? Come enjoy the benefits of the Router Raizer for adjusting your plunge router from the top in any table!!!

    Key Benefits

    • Manufactured in the USA.
    • Works with any router table or insert.
    • Becomes a permanent part of your router.
    • At 1/2 lb. installed adds no weight to the router.
    • The only system allowing height adjustments from the top or bottom of a plunge router without buying an insert.
    • Complete installation instructions with mounting hole templates included.
    • The Raizer kit comes complete with all the various parts to allow it to be installed in the routers listed.
    • Allows simple depth of cut adjustment from the top of the table when mounted in a table. 
    • The speed wrench is inserted through the manhole installed in the table and engages the drive recess to operate the height adjustment.  
    • Adjustments work equally well when used hand held. The same adjuster points can also be used when the router is used handheld for quick and easy depth of cut adjustments.
    • All of the original plunge functions of your router are still available for handheld use.
    • You can still use your turret depth of cut stops. No disabling of this function is required for installation.
    • Use your existing router table insert plate, no need to buy an additional plate.

    The fastest most versatile height adjustment system available for your plunge router!!

    The Patented Router Raizer is the newest way of adjusting plunge routers. Unlike other products it does not require a special table insert or re-machining your table to fit that insert. You can use any standard table or insert from 3/16 to 1/2" thickness from any source and all the parts that come with the kit will fit and function perfectly. 

    It fits over 18 different models of routers from 9 different manufacturers. By replacing the original height adjustment system it becomes an integral part of the router. By doing this we allow you to retain all the functions (plunging, turret depth stops) the router came with as standard. There is no need to remove the springs which allows quick usage of the router handheld. This allows the router to function equally well handheld or table mounted with the same speed and convenience.

    The Raizer can be used with your choice of any lexan, phenolic, aluminum or steel router plate. Use it  in any router table with no modifications to the table for another type or style of insert and make height adjustments quick and easy from the top of the table. Simply drill a mounting hole for the dust plug ring in the insert or table with the included templates and crank away. When the bit height has been set, the dust cover can be quickly installed to eliminate dust getting into the drive recess.

    When handheld you won't believe how much easier adjustments are when your eyes and hands are both on the business end of the tool. The knurled top adjustment knob works by itself or with the speed wrench for easy movement and makes raising or lowering the bit  an absolute joy. The speed wrench in the kit works like the speed wrench that comes with socket sets and allows you to adjust the depth of the bit quickly. The wrench includes a spinner handle that is easy on the hands. The same wrench works in both the top and bottom drive couplers so there is no need for extra tools.

    Table mounted adjustments are as fast and easy as a shaper for a fraction of the cost!!

    RZ200 Kit suits the following routers - 

    • Fein RT1800
    • Bosch 1617/1618 Plunge Base, 1619
    • Makita RP/RF1101 Plunge Base
    • MLCS Marvel 60/Axminster
    • Triton MOF001, TRA001

    RZ100 Kit is no longer available.

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