Router Mounting Plate - Undrilled

  • Router Mounting Plate - Undrilled RTAMP-3

    The Sherwood aluminium router mounting plate is precision-milled and CNC-machined from 6mm-thick aluminium plate. The aluminium is anodized in Sherwood orange and then checked for flatness after this important step. Where necessary, each plate is checked and adjusted for flatness for a perfect smooth surface closest to the bit - where it matters most.

    Also included is a template to perfectly centre your router over the centre of the bit aperture.

    There are six grub screws installed along the edges of the mount plate to ensure a perfectly level fit on the lip of the router table underneath it. The radius on the corner of the mounting plate is 16mm, so using a standard 5/8in or 16mm straight bit will provide a perfectly match radius in the corner if you are making your own table.

    Which Size?

    The new Sherwood Router Table range has moved to the North American industry-standard size 298 x 235mm, so now the only plate size available is to match the current range - choose the RTAMP-3. This plate can also be used in other brands of tables such as Kreg, Incra, JessEm etc.

    The centre hole is 92.2mm diameter and includes one phenolic twist-lock insert ring that has a 38.1mm aperture. The insert ring spanner comes standard with the mount plate as well as a starter pin and two holes to mount it either to the left or the right of the bit. 

    Want to see how to mount your router to one of our mount plates? Click on the video below and start from 10min 35secs to see how easy it is.

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