Right Angle Dust Outlet

  • Right Angle Dust Outlet YW-1079

    A universal dust extraction fence outlet on a right-angle for woodworking machinery 

    Need a dust outlet on a router table, drill press or other types of fences? This connector measures 65mm from the apex x 170mm long. The large collection mouth area measures a tad under 135mm long x 63mm for optimal clearance of the extraction area, leaving 16mm ledges on both sides to pre-drill for mounting holes to suit.

    The outlet tapers down to a 2 1/2in outlet to suit flexible hose approximately 95mm long to make it easy to connect the hose.

    Extractor Fitting Router Fence Outlet 2 1/2in 63mm Features

    • Large dual-sided ledges for incredibly simple installation
    • Pre-drilled mounting holes make the process a breeze
    • Carefully measured and designed for optimal clearance
    • Tapered outlet for easy hose connection
    • Solid, rugged construction with hard-wearing materials
    • Carefully designed, measured and tested to ensure perfect fitment every time
    • Strong hold! All our fittings are built to last a long time without any leakage
    • No rough patches, just smooth moulding throughout
    • Universal fitment across woodworking machinery

    What's so good about this 2 1/2in 63mm Right Angle Dust Outlet? 

    Every Sherwood Dust Extraction Fitting is designed and then thoroughly tested with Sherwood machinery, so it fits a higher level of quality control than generic fitting equipment that merely is produced in a vacuum - many times without ever touching the machines they're supposed to work with. We ensure that every fitting has smooth, well moulded edges and no rough spots or sharp frays. We also know that every fitting fits perfectly - no leakage, no damage, only tight fits.



    $7.00 (inc GST)

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