Replacement Nylon Washers

  • Replacement Nylon Washers ACC-010

    Arbortech's Mini Grinder Nylon Washers are brilliantly well made

    There are so many dull, overpriced woodworking accessories on the market, especially when it comes to angle grinders, wood carvers and other specialist power tools. Seems like these days, you can chuck a brand name on anything and charge double the price. But it's impossible to riposte Arbortech's accessories, They are among the most durable, longest-living and best value woodworking accessories on the Australian market.

    These nylon washers fit perfectly, they last ages even under significantly difficult workshop conditions and they excel in the simple but essential job they tackle every day. Like the Mini Grinder itself, a quiet, little revolution in woodworking,

    Arbortech Mini-Grinder Angle Grinder Nylon Washer Features

    • Suits ALL Arbortech 100mm (4in) and 115mm (4 ½in) Blades
    •  PRO 4 & Industrial Woodcarver, TurboPlane and Trade Blade/Tuff Cut
    • Reduces Bore from 22mm (7/8") to 16mm (5/8")
    $9.90 (inc GST)

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