Quick Action Front Vice Screw

  • Quick Action Front Vice Screw TBFQA-2

    An ingeniously sliding front vice screw with standard dimensions!

    A common issue with standard front vice screws is the time taken to wind it in and out when moving between two work pieces of significantly different dimension - leading to frustration. This quick-action vice front vice screw overcomes that problem by being able to slide the front jaw in and out for big adjustments and then re-engage the screw to clamp the work piece.

    Fantastic front vice screw features

    • One of the easiest adjustment mechanisms on the market 
    • Half turn to slide in and out makes repositioning an absolute breeze
    • Disengage screw saves time, effort and frustration
    • The clamping mechanism is extremely heavy-duty, made from solid industrial materials
    • Standard dimensions across the rest of the front vice make it applicable for everyone

    Half turn to slide out the front vice, a half turn to clamp

    A half turn outward ingeniously disengages the screw, slide it in and out close to where you need it to be and then a half turn to clamp re-engages the screw again. 

    All the other dimensions for this vice screw is the same as the standard large front vice screw so it uses 19.5mm steel bar for the guide posts and 29.5mm tension screw with it being offset so that the vice doesn’t skew when clamping vertically. It has a clamping capacity up to 330mm (minus the thickness of the wooden jaws). The vice measures 265 x 530mm (width x length) overall.

    $109.00 (inc GST)
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