Introductory Pyrography Pens

  • Introductory Pyrography Pens

    This range of beginner solid tip pyrographs are a joy to use. Manufactured in Australia by Nicholson, the pens are well-made and feature a long, heavy-duty lead for ease-of-use as well as a solid comfortable rubberised grip. The standard kit includes the pen and comes with two reversible brass tips providing four different tip profiles.

    It is recommended to clean these with a wire brush after use.

    Also available is a deluxe kit from well-known pyrographer Sandra Menger. This kit includes the pen and tips, as well as a handmade timber stand for the pen and an introductory pyrography book including instructions for use, as well as some designs to start you off with.

    The deluxe kit is pictured here in red - the current stock is supplied with an offwhite handle and black lead and grip.

    Standard Kit
    $75.00 (inc GST)
    Deluxe Kit
    $95.00 (inc GST)

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