Pro 23 Connector

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    Pro 23 Connector

    The Striplox Pro 23 connectors have been designed for literally hundreds of uses, from large scale architectural projects through to custom design features. The Striplox Pro 23 is ideal for installing modern timber battens, hanging cabinets, floating shelves, bookcases, artwork frames, mirrors and feature panels. It achieves the results you want with bespoke furniture with its narrow profile for tidy concealment. You will be amazed with its strength, versatility and varied range of uses. 

    83 x 28 x 9mm installed with a 110kg horizontal, 160kg vertical load capacity and a shear strength of 95kg per bracket. 

    A locating jig is also available for making installs much quicker and easier to align on both work pieces for a perfect fit every time.

    Pro 23 Connector Installation Instructions

    What is Striplox?

    Striplox rapid assembly connectors are revolutionising the design and cabinetry hardware industry worldwide by providing a fast, strong and versatile concealed joining and fastening systems. The key to the award-winning Striplox connector range is their speed and ease of use, featuring the unique design of interlocking teeth which lock in one action to evenly spread loads along the length of the joint, providing a strong and tight connection every time. This makes the entire Striplox range perfect for hundreds of tool-less applications and installations on or off-site. 

    Why Use Striplox when Glues & Screws Will Do?

    • It allows simple, safe and efficient assembly, without complex methods, processes or multiple parts.
    • It delivers a uniformly loaded join by spreading the loads and forces evenly across the entire join.
    • Traditional, time consuming, labour intensive joining methods such as nuts, bolts, screws, welding and adhesives are no longer needed.
    • It can simultaneously reduce failure risks and costs and enables the easier adoption of high-strength, state-of-the-art composite materials.
    • In most cases only a single one-step process will complete the join.
    • It can join traditionally incompatible materials as well as objects that have complex curved edges.
    • It provides simple self-alignment of joint components.
    4-Set Pack
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    Locating Jig
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