Pride Abrasive 6 Stone Deluxe Kit

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    Pride Abrasive 6 Stone Deluxe Kit PAKIT-3

    Pride Abrasive Waterstones produce a superior edge finish to your tools.

    Using water to create a slurry, Waterstones give you the level of abrasiveness you need at each stage of your sharpening.

    Note: Waterstones will concave with use and will need to be re-flattened periodically.

    Softer that traditional oilstones

    Waterstones provide a lapping action that produces superb results with low pressure applied.

    Pride Waterstones are colour coded

    The different levels of grit on Pride Waterstones are colour coded for convenient identification in your workshop.

    A comprehensive range of stones

    Pride Abrasive offer a full range of stones and grit levels to cover the whole sharpening process. From 220 grit for repairing a badly worn or damaged edge, through to 10,000 grit for the ultimate finish on your tool.

    Save money and buy your waterstones in handy multi-stone kits. Including everything you need to get a razor-sharp edge on your tools.

    6 Stone Deluxe Kit includes includes

    • 220 Grit Waterstone
    • 400 Grit Waterstone
    • 1000 Grit Waterstone
    • 6000 Grit Waterstone
    • 10,000 Grit Waterstone
    • 120/320 Grit Combination Flattening Stone

    About Pride Abrasive

    Pride Abrasive was founded by Matt and Dorothy Hazlett, who began manufacturing abrasive stones in Bristol, Wisconsin, in 1978. Pride’s focus has been to produce the highest quality products at the quickest possible lead times at extremely competitive pricing with a customized approach to each customer. Pride has combined its nearly 40 years of knowledge with a unique water stone production process, resulting in a one-of-a-kind product for industries such as cutlery and woodworking. Utilizing their unique production process and top-grade materials, Pride has created water stones that are long-lasting, fast cutting, leave a mirror finish and – “gasp” – are flat within .007 of an inch right out of the box. Stones should be soaked prior to use approximately 15 to 20 minutes or till they quit breathing or stop bubbling.

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