Premium Spokeshaves

  • Premium Spokeshaves

    Spokeshaves are basic shop tools, admired for their versatility.

    The flat, round and concave spokeshaves have been designed for smooth, effective, chatter-free shaping of chair spindles, panel edges, paddles, tool handles, and all other kinds of freehand shaping. The flat and round bottom spokeshaves are the general workhorses in the workshop.

    These are the tools you will pick up for practically every kind of woodworking activity. The concave shave has a 44.5mm radius.

    These spokeshaves have a 3.2mm thick steel blade, seated at 45° to the sole. The thick blade, carefully machined lever cap and blade bed all combine to produce chatter-free cutting in virtually all conditions.

    The ductile cast iron body is fitted with African rosewood handles that are shaped for comfort and control, offering several ways to grip the tool comfortably with no corners or edges to cause discomfort when either pulling or pushing.

    The toe provides a convenient thumb rest that allows the user to choke up on the body to achieve an unusual degree of control for fine work. The twin adjustment thumb wheels quickly and accurately control the depth of cut and skew.

    Together with the cast steel lever cap, the thumb wheels also ensure the blade may be easily removed for sharpening and other maintenance, then re-installed into the same position.

    Two shims are included so that you can adjust the mouth opening to suit your work needs.

    Flat-Bottom Spokeshave - PMV-11 Blade
    $241.00 (inc GST)
    Round-Bottom Spokeshave - PMV-11 Steel Blade
    $241.00 (inc GST)
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