420 Cutting Wheels

  • 420 Cutting Wheels 420-D

    Get a 15/16-inch diameter cut-off wheel made of a hard abrasive material that's used for slicing and cutting metal, including hardened steel. Our cut-off wheel makes it easy to cut bolts or screws, or make slots in rusted or stripped bolts and screws to allow for easy removal with a screwdriver. Pack of 20 wheels.

    • Cut-off wheels come in a pack of 20
    • Can be used to cut sheet metal, plastic and thin wood


    • Use with mandrel 402
    • Makes it easy to cut or slot bolts & screws
    • Use on sheet metal, thin wood & plastic
    • Cuts only along its edge


    • Bit Diameter inch: 15/16"
    • Bit Diameter mm: 23.8 mm
    $17.00 (inc GST)

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