Pocket Hole Screw 38mm Coarse-Thread - 100pk

  • Pocket Hole Screw 38mm Coarse-Thread - 100pk AWC-150100

    Coarse-Thread for use with Softwoods and Plywood.

    38mm (1-1/2in) coarse thread, washer head, #2 square drive, indoor/outdoor pocket-hole screws.

    The Armor COLOR-COATTM screws are the perfect fastener for any project. A colour-coded system differentiates the screw length and matches it to the material thickness shown on the self-adjusting guide block, providing you the strongest pocket hole joint possible. The Colour Coating also assists in reducing corrosion, making it a good choice when building outdoor projects.

    For use with the Armor Too Auto-Jig Pocket Hole System. Simply place your workpiece into the Auto-Jig, clamp, and match the indicated colour on your guide block to the screw colour. This will give you the optimal screw length for your project.

    $10.00 (inc GST)

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