Wooden Spokeshave Kit

  • Wooden Spokeshave Kit 05-P-3330

    It is a bit puzzling that, in spite of modern alternatives, traditional wooden spokeshaves are still popular tools. They all share a common weakness: depth of cut adjustment. Normally the blades are hand forged with upturned tangs that fit into holes pierced in the body of the shave. Wedged in position, they are adjusted by tapping the ends of the tangs or the base of the blade, as required.

    Over the years, some clever methods have been invented to improve this otherwise haphazard process; however, they are typically not very positive, or require the use of a tool, such as a screwdriver, or that the blade be completely removed to make even a small adjustment.

    Veritas have developed this kit for all those who are troubled by this problem but still use wooden spokeshaves. A tool built with this kit has a depth of cut adjustment that is simple, effective and requires no extra tool or blade removal.

    The kit includes an A2 steel blade (large is 3.2mm thick, 102mm long by 17.5mm wide), a brass wear strip, two brass locknuts and adjustment thumbscrews, a tap, and complete instructions. You provide and shape the wood of your choice (minimum blank sizes are 280mm x 38mm x 22mm). Basic woodworking skills required.

    $69.00 (inc GST)

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