Block Planes

  • Block Planes

    IRWIN Record bring decades of experience, well proven design and advanced production techniques to produce this fine range of woodworking planes.

    • For use by craftsmen and cabinet makers
    • Excellent fine finish on end grain, satin smooth finish on straight grain
    • Adjustable mouth for coarse and fine work
    • Cutter blade held firmly in place by lever cap
    • Machined on base and sides for accuracy
    • Lateral adjusting lever for cutting alignment
    • Blade width 42mm

    The low-angle block plane is far more popular as it can do most of the work of the standard angle plane along or across the grain and excels at working on end-grain. While it is better to have both and use for the necessary functions, if you can only have one, the low-angle plane is the better option.

    Standard 20? Angle
    $199.00 (inc GST)
    Low 12 1/2ยก Angle
    $199.00 (inc GST)

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