Apron Plane

  • Apron Plane

    This small, low-angle block plane is ideal for trim carpentry. At around 400g it is half the weight of a standard block plane, a big plus if you carry it in your apron all day.

    The 140 x 44.5mm ductile cast iron body takes knocks in stride. It has good hand feel; unique side wings allow a comfortable firm grip and provide stability for shooting. A combined feed and lateral adjustment mechanism makes setting easy and accurate. It has a 12° bed angle and comes with a lapped 25° bevel blade made of 3.2mm-thick A2 tool steel.

    A split-leather holster with brass fittings is sold separately. It keeps your apron plane close at hand while working and protects it from damage.

    Apron Plane Only
    $159.00 (inc GST)
    Leather Holster
    $39.00 (inc GST)

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