Planing Stop

  • Planing Stop 05-G-2301

    This low-profile work stop presents a broad bearing surface. Particularly useful with thin or narrow workpieces, it is 31.8mm wide anodized aluminum rail projects just a tad over 5.5mm above the bench top, allowing materials as thin as 6.4mm (1/4in) to be worked or planed without obstruction. It also provides a reliable registration surface for materials too narrow to span two adjacent bench dogs. The two 19.0mm (3/4in) steel posts slide along a T-track on the underside of the 247.5mm-long rail. 

    For tasks that involve the application of horizontal force in one direction, such as planing, a single stop can be used with no additional clamping. Stops can also be placed perpendicular to one another to capture two edges of the workpiece to prevent rotation. A simple way to secure work without the constraints of typical clamping methods.

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