PantoRouter Joinery System - Suits AEG Router

  • PantoRouter Joinery System - Suits AEG Router PRKIT-2

    The Hybrid PantoRouter: Complex Joinery Made Simple. 

    The Hybrid PantoRouter is quite simply the best joinery system for simple through to the most complex joinery you could ever imagine. But it is so ingenious that even the most complex joinery is made simple with the PantoRouter.

    In fact, within minutes of assembly you'll be making perfect joints that fit every time and are perfectly repeatable. The PantoRouter makes traditional woodworking joinery fast, accurate, safe and fun. Mortice and tenon, box joints and dovetails are just the beginning! Even compound angles are easy to setup and cut. 

    PantoRouter Joinery System Kit: What's Included

    The PantoRouter Joinery System comes with everything available in PantoRouter range including the following items (as shown above) -

    Accessory Box:

    • Four bits: ¼”, ⅜” (with adapter to ½”), ½” and 8° dovetail.
    • Dust hood with brush and mounting screws.

    Main PantoRouter Box:

    • PantoRouter with 91.8mm router mounts (AEG Router)
    • Centering Scale Fence
    • Guide bearings 6, 10, 12, 15 & 22mm
    • Variably Spaced Dovetail Templates
    • Box Joint Template
    • Two sets of 7 pieces M&T Templates
    • Triple M&T
    • Two Ehoma lever clamps
    • Split Shaft Centering Jig
    • Double-Ended Centering Jig
    • 3.0 metre dust hose

    Please Note: This revision of the PantoRouter does not include a motor. It is designed to work with the AEG router, avaliable at all Bunnings stores in Australia and New Zealand. AEG is known as Rigid in the US.

    The Hybrid PantoRouter is an all-metal version of the original PantoRouter

    Please note some images show the Porter Cable round-body motor in use - these are action images supplied from PantoRouter USA and are for illustrative purposes only.

    The Hybrid PantoRouter is an all-metal version of the original PantoRouter invented by Mathias Wandel and featured on his YouTube channelKuldeep Singh of Kyoto, Japan saw the wooden prototype on YouTube and was inspired to build a metal PantoRouter, which could be even more accurate and more easily reproduced. Kuldeep first experimented using steel, but later determined aluminum to be more advantageous.   

    • Integrated templates for both mortice and tenon
    • Tapered templates allowing adjustment of the mortice and tenon fit
    • A readily changeable and highly accurate guide-bearing mount
    • An improved pantograph suspension system
    • A tilting table to facilitate rapidly indexing and repeating compound angles
    • A simple and accurate depth stop
    • Lightweight yet rigid construction for mobility in the shop
    $2,899.00 (inc GST)

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