PantoRouter Dovetail Template Set 2

  • PantoRouter Dovetail Template Set 2 PRTEMP-2

    Variably Spaced Dovetail Templates for PantoRouter

    Cut beautiful dovetails with exact precision using you PantoRouter. Easy to setup and use, this template system will ensure perfect fitting dovetails,

    This 8 piece template system for the PantoRouter Aluminum template holder is used to cut 8° dovetails in symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns.

    Comes with all mounting hardware. 


    Compatible with PantoRouter

    All Hardware Included

    8 Pieces

    8° Dovetails

    Easy install and setup


    Weight 110g
    Contents 8 templates and mounting hardware
    Qty 8 templates per packet


    $45.00 (inc GST)
    Out of Stock

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