Super Savings on Site And Shop Accessories


Super Savings on Site & Shop Accessories

We've got more specials from the Site & Shop section of the website listed below - handy universal tools and accessories that can be used on a variety of machines, or in the workshop or out on site.  

In some cases like the INCRA mitre guides which are due to go up when the next shipment arrives (due to the ongoing depreciation of the Aussie dollar) - its a case of getting in quick now or missing out before the price rise early next month. 

Yes Our Shop Is Open In Melbourne

All specials that we email to you are available in both our stores in Perth and Melbourne as well as online and over the phone. We get many enquiries asking if Melbourne is just a distribution centre or a retail store and we can answer that YES we are  definitely a retail shop! 

Both our stores are open Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm and on Saturdays we're open 8:30am - 12:00pm in Perth and 8:30am - 1:00pm in Melbourne. When you call the 1300 880 996 number you will get your local store - eastern states customers go to Melbourne and WA, SA & NT go to the Perth store.

INCRA Mitre Guides

INCRA Mitre Guides

Incra were one of the first and still the best at producing aftermarket precision mitre guides. Including patented technologies like GlideLOCK and AngleLOCK as well as the inclusion of the telescoping Flip Fences and FlipShopStop on the 1000 series Mitre Guides you will wonder how you lasted this long without a great guide on your table saw, router table or any other machine with a ¾ x ⅜in mitre slot. 

15% Off All Incra Mitre Guides


Power Tool Guides

A handy guide to have when using your hand-held circular saw or router in the workshop or out on site. The benefit of this system is the ability to attach your own base to the guide by using the alumnium traveller and also removing the in-built clamping system and joining multiple guides together to make them as long as you want - we know of a customer that made one 5m long!

Traveller normally valued at $14.90
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Deluxe Worklights  

Deluxe Magnetic Base Lights

  • Full worklight assemblies manufactured in Taiwan

  • Strong magnetic base securely holds lamp on horizontal and vertical planes

  • 410mm-long arm to position anywhere over work piece

  • Head designed to remain cool to accidental touches after operating for long periods

  • Option of halogen 20W downlight globe for warm yellow light

  • Or 4x 6W LED’s brightly illuminates work space with clear white light

Get 20% Off Either the Halogen or LED Version Until 31st August

Roller Support Stands  

Roller Support Stands

We have two roller support stands - shown to the left here is the deluxe version that has a pivoting head to either engage the roller or eight transfer balls depending on your requirements. 

Also available is a simple and durable roller support stand that has been chosen for our range to last many years in the workshop without issue.

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Third Hand Range

At the core of the FastCap range here at Timbecon are the Third Hand supports. Whether you need to support an overhead cabinet during installation, hold a crown moulding or cornice while fixing it in place or even creating a dust barrier - the Third Hand range has something that you never knew you needed, but once you have it, you'll wonder how you did without it!

Check out the full range in our updated 
Stands & Supports sub-category.

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Workholding Range

The core to the Magswitch range are the MagJigs that create a magnetic field with the turn of a knob. Mated with a range of featherboards, bases and supports you can hold virtually any work piece on any machine and improve both your woodworking and reduce your chance of accidents.

Shown here is the large table featherboard with many different featherboard option available as well as other items in the range include Resaw fences for bandsaws etc. 

RRP's shown on site - discount deducted in Cart Screen