Measure Up Some Savings


Measure Up Some Savings

We have just finished updating the measuring section and are pleased to announce a category-wide discount on the Measuring section of 15%. Get some of the best brands including INCRA, Veritas, iGaging plus a lot of our own branded measuring and marking tools sourced from the best Asian manufacturers at great pricing. 

The discount only applies to products found in the Measuring category and is valid until Wednesday 30th September. Get in quick as once we have sold out, rain checks will not apply (new stock is always coming in though).

Saturday Morning Demonstrations

We are pleased to announce that we are restarting our Saturday morning demonstrations in Perth from Saturday 3rd October at 9:00am. We will also be starting our demonstration program in Melbourne from Saturday 10th October. 

We will be posting the schedule of demonstrations on the website in coming weeks and will let you know once it has been put up so keep a look out for it. If you have any suggestions on demonstrations you would like to see in future programs please let us know and if we get enough requests we can look at scheduling it in.


AngleCube Bevel Gauge

It has a U.S.-made, solid state angle sensor that measures your absolute level in addition to relative angles. Calibrate it at any angle, and it measures to any other angle with 0.05°resolution... perfect for setting the tilt of table saw blades or the tables on band saws and drill presses.

Magnets on three sides of the sturdy aluminum case allow it to stick wherever you need it on your machinery or the side of your fridge. Measuring just 52mm square it is a handy and accurate pocket tool.

Normally $59.90, Now $50.91

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Layout Transfer Devices

Shinwa are a leading manufacturer of measuring tools in Japan and these transfer devices are built to superb quality standards. Extruded as 2.9mm-thick aluminium, each transfer device is precision ground and measurements are clearly marked in black on the silver anodized finish.

Available with two configurations - as shown with one side able to transfer 90
° to 90° and 90° to 45°, or the other designed for mitre transfers only with both sides transferring from 90° to 45° in left and right-side configurations.

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Precision T-Rules  

Precision T-Rules

Incra scores again with its precision steel rules. Select the proper slot or hole, insert a 0.5mm mechanical pencil, and mark the measurement with dead-on accuracy. These Marking Rules are precisely what's needed for accuracy by offering marking holes at every ¼mm! 

With the addition of a fence you can now quickly and accurately mark anything from a work piece edge, as well as use the T-rule as an accurate layout square. Slide the fence along the work piece with 0.5mm mechanical pencil or scribe in place to use as a marking/mortice gauge too. 

Starting from just $32.21 with Discount
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Adjustable Try Square  

Adjustable Try Square

If you’ve been woodworking for a while you will appreciate this beautiful square. The 1.5mm-thick solid brass blade can mark up to 105mm from the face of the handle. It is held to the 75 x 38mm Rosewood handle with one fixed brass pin and can be adjusted square with the two lead screws running through the handle by adjusting them in the base of the handle.

This means your square will last a lifetime as it can always be brought back to square no matter what happens to it.

Normally $84.90, Now $72.16

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Great Sawing Specials

Don't forget that we have great specials on Sawing products through to the end of this month including - 

  • 20% off Torquata Circular Saw Blades

  • 25% Razorsaw Japanese Saws

  • Discounts on table saws

  • MB-400 Mobile Base for just $99.00

To check out the great specials, see them on the website by clicking the Read More button below.

Personal Safety Products

We are pleased to announce that we are distributors of the Maxisafe range of personal safety equipment. From gloves to ear muffs, safety glasses to full face shields - they have a great range of products that will keep you safe whilst woodworking.

All products meet and most exceed the applicable Australian safety standards as well as providing brilliant value-for-money.