FastCap Shipment Has Landed


New FastCap Shipment has landed

FastCap are an innovative US company that have a massive suite of products designed for contractors and cabinetmakers to be used onsite and in workshops. They have built their business around product development - solving problems that have existed for years with well thought-out products that are high quality and simple.

In fact, FastCap are so sure that they make fantastic products that they all come with a lifetime guarantee that they will always work as intended. Now that's backing your product!

‚ÄčAt the core of the FastCap range here at Timbecon are the Third Hand supports. Whether you need to support an overhead cabinet during installation, hold a crown moulding or cornice while fixing it in place or even creating a dust barrier - the Third Hand range has something that you never knew you needed, but once you have it, you'll wonder how you did without it!

Check out the full range in our updated Stands & Supports sub-category or see below for more on specific products.

Original Third Hand

The Original Third Hand

The Original Third Hand is the Employee Of The Month as it’s never late, won’t talk back and does what you ask it to do every time. Able to support up to 65kg per pole and with a working range of 1525 - 3660mm it can do virtually anything. 

Little Hand XL System  

Little Hand Support Kits

The most popular size in the range - you can either get the Little Hand (420-580mm range) or the Little Hand XL System (598-965mm range) which is perfect for installing overheads.

Buy the Little Hand XL System and get the Little Hand Twin Pack for an extra $50.00. That's a saving of $79.00!

Or buy each kit separately and get

Dust Barrier Door Systems  

Dust Barrier Kits & Systems

One of the most amazing innovations in the Third Hand Range is the Dust Barrier Door Kit that you can use in conjunction with your own plastic dust barriers to create a work environment inside a clean room. 

Rated to be used in US hospitals when fit-outs and maintenance are needed we have sold these to carpenters, cabbies and even demolition companies in Australia that save thousands of dollars in wages simplifying their clean-ups after jobs are done.

Check out the inventor and owner of FastCap - Paul Akers - demonstrating it on our site.  

Upper Hand Accessories  

Upper Hand Accessories

The Upper Hand is the mid-size Third Hand with a range of 715 - 1525mm and is available individually and in twin packs.

Also available are accessories that suits the Upper Hand (and other Third Hands) - like the Tripod, roller top and seat cushion.

Check these awesome accessories out. All are on special like the rest of the range with 15% off until 31st August.

Starter Kit
Magswitch Starter Kit

The most popular way to get started with Magswitch is to buy the Starter Kit that other attachments can be bolted on to the universal base. 

Shown above here with the most useful Vertical Attachment Kit bolted on as well, we have a special deal where you can get both items for one low price together.

Buy the Starter Kit for $129.90 Get the Vertical Attachment Kit for an extra $5.00!


Workholding Range

The core to the Magswitch range are the MagJigs that create a magnetic field with the turn of a knob. Mated with a range of featherboards, bases and supports you can hold virtually any work piece on any machine and improve both your woodworking and reduce your chance of accidents.

Shown here is the large table featherboard with many different featherboard option available as well as other items in the range include Resaw fences for bandsaws etc.