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As part of our ongoing desire to educate and assist our customers, we have created two new videos for wood turners. Once again, Andrew Potocnik - our resident wood turning expert - presents a basic understanding of using Chucks and Jaws for your wood turning. This two-part video helps wood turners to understand the basics of these tools and give a few ideas on purchasing and using for greater expediency. Click here, or simply head on over to Youtube and to the Timbecon Channel to view these two videos. There are plenty more to come, so subscribe and stay tuned!

We recently worked with well-respected furniture maker, Patrick Holcombe from Douglas Fir Design to produce our new video on Youtube. This video reveals why the Torquata Tungsten Carbide Tipped (T.C.T) Boring Bits are very practical products for wood workers. Using side-by side comparisons, this video shows the amazing differences between regular forstner bits and the efficiency of T.C.T Boring Bits. Patrick explains in plain and practical terms what the short and long term benefits of these tools are. To see the video, simply click here.

Timbecon Can Now Ship Overseas

Good news! If you're from one of many countries that we get regular enquiries from, we are pleased to announce that we have now setup the website so you can place an order on many of the 5,000+ products listed on our website. Get your freight costs confirmed, pay securely via either credit card or PayPal in the Checkout process and place your order as simply and easily as if you lived here in Australia.

Due to a few small changes to the way we do things here in Melbourne, we have amended our trading hours so that we open during the week at 9:00am. We still close at 5:00pm and are open Satudays 8:30am - 1:00pm. If you need anything urgently prior to 9am, please contact us the day before to place and prepay for your an order and you can pick it up any time from 8:00am onwards.

Articles 1 to 10 of 15

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