Neat Feat - Foot & Leg Moisturiser

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    Neat Feat - Foot & Leg Moisturiser NFFM-125

    Tough dry skin leads to cracks, soreness and a list of further problems.

    For daily maintenance of the foot we have a heavy-duty moisturizer, this water based product is easily applied and can be used daily after showering. Coincidentally this moisturizer is excellent for improving the thickness of the skin on the legs.

    • For dry, cracked feet and legs

    • Formulated to prevent dry skin and cracked heels

    • Rich moisturizing formula

    • Year round treatment of dry skin caused by a harsh summer lifestyle (bare feet) and slower regrowth of skin in winter

    • Large and convenient tube pack - economical, suitable for the whole family

    Neat Feat Foot, Leg and Body Moisturizer is a water based cream with rehydrating ingredients that can be used on a daily basis to maintain smooth feet and heels. This moisturizer is easily applied and should be used after cracks have been repaired by the Neat Feat Heel Balm. Neat Feat Foot, Leg and Body Moisturizer is also highly effective in rehydrating other parts of the body (like the legs) which suffer from moisture loss and may require rehydration.

    Comes in a 125ml bottle.

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