Neat Feat - 3B Hand Saver

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    Neat Feat - 3B Hand Saver NFHS-050

    Sweaty hands are dangerous hands when it comes to tools.

    Anyone who has spent a hot summers day working with a hand plane knows how sweaty and slippery your hands can get. And an unfortunate slip can end up with a nasty injury. The 3B hand saver is an antiperspirant for your hands that also mosturises and leaves your hand feeling much better after a long day. 

    Super popular with sports players like cricketers looking for a firm grip on the bat to people who like to play fast paced video games on console, 3B hand saver will make sure that your grip remains firm.

    Neat® Hand Saver prevents the palms of our hands from becoming excessively sweaty, while the lotion itself moisturises the skin to prevent dryness and chapping. Neat® Hand Saver can be part of the daily grooming routine, or it can be used just before an important meeting or sports event. Neat® Hand Saver is particularly helpful for sports people: tennis/squash players, golfers, bowlers, bikers etc. 

    Comes in a 50ml bottle.

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