MK II Sharpening System Narrow Blade Holder

  • MK II Sharpening System Narrow Blade Holder 05-M-0909

    For those who predominantly sharpen narrow blades, Veritas offer a narrow-blade holder. It clamps blades from 3.2mm to 38.1mm wide using parallel jaws to ensure blades stay square to the jig. The jaws are also canted to keep blades centered and tight to the reference face of the jig, whether they have bevelled or square edges – it will even hold chisels that are triangular in cross section. It accepts bevel-edged chisels up to 11.9mm thick and square-edged chisels up to 8.7mm thick, and hones bevel angles from 15° to 40° and back bevels from 10° to 20°.


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