Milescraft Pantograph Pro Kit

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    Milescraft Pantograph Pro Kit MC-1221

    Enjoy Expanded 2D Sign/Design Making Capabilities without the Limitations of Router Templates

    Using a variety of router bits, you can create carvings from 2D templates and 3D models.  Two font stencils and several classic line drawings are provided, or develop your own using anything from colouring books to art printed from your computer.

    Use your router to convert almost any kind of art into a stunning reproduction in wood

    Mounts to any router with a 6in or smaller base. Template can be up to 610x305mm in size.  Frame is adjustable to produce a finished product 50% the size of the source material, with height ranging from 81 – 122mm and unlimited length. Frame is made from high impact styrene resin, providing both strength and light weight.


    • Trace along any letter stencil or line drawing, while your router makes the same cut at a 50% ratio reduction
    • Included three easily controlled fingertip styluses
    • Adjustable fingertip control
    • Comes with two font stencils, Modern & Old English and line drawings
    • Attaches easily to most routers using the included TurnLock™ BasePlate Technology and hardware
    • Develop your own stencils using other sources such as a computer, coloring book or any other type of downloaded art
    • Includes 3 ¼in shank different router bits – ¼in V-Groove, ¼in Straight and 3/8in round-nose bits
    • Minimal assembly is required – all arms are pre-assembled
    • New and improved socket tip and pivot system
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