Milescraft Euro Hinge Drilling Jig

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    Milescraft Euro Hinge Drilling Jig

    Do you want to drill and install European door hinges? Do you need a simple and accurate Euro Hinge installation jig suitable that guarantees ease and accuracy? Then check out the Milescraft Euro Hinge Jig. A versatile hardware installation jig suitable for the enthusiast and professional cabinetmaker alike.

    The Milescraft Euro Hinge Jig takes the guesswork out of installing European style concealed hinges. The self-aligning jig works with frameless and face frame cabinets and has settings for all the most popular hinge styles and cup locations. It even has a feature to help position and mount your door to the cabinet. 

    Features and benefits

    • Edge Alignment Knobs - automatically positions the cup hole correct distance from edge of door
    • Edge Locator Pin - sets the jig perfect distance from top/bottom of door
    • Drill Guide - metal bushing Drill Guide locks into jig and creates a perfectly straight hinge cup hole
    • Hinge Guide Bushing - built into body of jig these let you pre-drill pilot holes in four common hinge screw locations, making sure hinges are straight and door closes true
    • Built-In Depth Settings - easily set your cup hole depth on the split depth stop using the built-in depth setting fixtures
    • Hinge Marking Guide - detaches from bottom of jig and allows you to transfer and mark centre lines and hinge location to cabinet wall or frame

    What’s in the box

    • Euro hinge jig with locator pins and drill bushing guide
    • Marking out guide
    • 35mm Euro Hinge boring bit
    • 1.6mm pilot bit
    • 3.0mm Allen wrench
    • Instructions

    Easy to use

    Follow the instructions to:

    • Align the jig to common edge distance settings
    • Edge locator pins quickly sets cup hole vertical position
    • Metal bushing drill guide provides accurate, repeatable drilling
    • Marking guide aligns measurements from door to frame
    • Perfect hinges for both framed or frameless cabinets

    Who is Milescraft

    Proudly engineered in the USA, every Milescraft product is developed and manufactured with the user in mind at every step. Make elegant wooden signs with confidence. Drive screws in awkward spaces. Install new doors in your home. Install crown moulding and trim, drill precise holes or build cabinets. Whatever the project, Milescraft solutions are here to help you complete your projects quickly and accurately.

    Edge offsets

    2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm

    Locator pin offsets

    3”, 4”


    35mm Euro Hinge Boring Bit

    Bit shank

    3/8” Round

    Depth stop

    3/8” Split

    Depth settings

    12.7mm, 13mm

    Milescraft Euro Hinge Drilling Jig
    $44.90 (inc GST)
    Replacement 35mm Euro Hinge TCT Drill Bit
    $19.90 (inc GST)

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