Milescraft Dowel Bucket Assorted Pack of 400

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    Milescraft Dowel Bucket Assorted Pack of 400 MC-5396

    Create strong secure joints with dowel pins from the Milescraft DowelBucket. These wooden dowel pins feature a fluted design for superior glue dispersion and maximum joint reinforcement. Fluted dowel pins are ideal for furniture building and repairs, shelving, cabinetry, and other woodworking projects.

    DowelBucket Features

    • Fluted pin for superior glue dispersion
    • Hardwood dowel pins for a strong secure joint between two boards
    • Chamfered ends for easy installation
    • Use on surface, edge or corner joints
    • The reusable bucket includes and stores 400 dowel pins.

    DowelBucket Contents:

    • 200 - 6mm Dowel Pins (30mm long)
    • 150 - 8mm Dowel Pins (40mm long)
    • 50 - 8mm Dowel Pins (60mm long)



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