Melbourne Tool Company Low Angle Jack Plane Blades

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    Melbourne Tool Company Low Angle Jack Plane Blades

    MTC low angle planes designed with the bevel of the blade facing upwards when installed in the plane. This low angle design offers you the option to choose between three different blade cutting angles to suit the material and work at hand. This is a great advantage over traditional hand planes where the downward facing bevel is only present to relieve the cut. Take control of your woodworking with MTC low angle planes and blades.

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    Three blades for every challenge

    The universal truth about woodworking is that wood is not a uniform material. Wood has grain. Long grain, short grain, quarter grain, end grain and cranky grain. Wood can also be hard or soft, stringy or dense. The point is that wood is not uniform so you need tools that can deal with this. MTC low angle planes are the answer. MTC offers you three blades each with a different cutting angle. These allow you to deal with the variations in wood and technique as required. A very low 25 degree cutting angle for shaving end grain. A middle of the road 38 degree for smoothing. And a high angle of 50 degrees for figured and cranky timbers. Choose your preferred blade from the dropdown menu above.

    The 25 degree blade

    MTC low angle planes are supplied with a 25 degree blade standard. Together with the cast bed angle of the plane of 12 degrees, the effective cutting angle achieved is 37 degrees. Using the jack plane, this bevel angle is perfect for shaving across end grain - the short ends of your wood where you are cutting laterally across the grain. End grain can be tough work without the right gear. Your MTC plane fitted with a sharp low 25 degree blade is the perfect tool for this job.

    The 38 degree blade

    Available is a 38 degree blade, add the bed angle and you have an effective cutting angle of 50 degrees. This bevel angle is perfect for smoothing surfaces across or along the grain. Set in the jack plane, this blade is great for flattening wide boards, planing edges or surface finishing.

    The 50 degree blade

    The 50 degree blade produces an effective cutting edge of 62 degrees. This very high cutting angle is ideal for smoothing figured timbers where tear out is a problem. Set in the jack plane, this blade will trim tricky leading edges to a glass like finish and smooth angry grain on feature surfaces.

    M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) blades

    MTC plane blades are made from M2 High Speed Steel (HSS). With so many letters and numbers, reading about blade steel is a bit like eating alphabet soup whilst solving a sudoku. The truth is they all have their strengths and weaknesses, and they all get the job done just fine. MTC has chosen M2 HSS for its abrasion resistance, which means it will hold a sharp edge longer than many other steels. The compromise of course is that it’ll take a little longer to bring up an edge, yet you will be leaving your sharpening gear on the shelf for longer too. MTC plane blades are also thicker than the average plane, this eliminates vibration is the cut, ensuring a smooth uniform finish.

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    25 degree
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    38 degree
    $49.90 (inc GST)
    50 degree
    $49.90 (inc GST)
    Kit of 2: 38 & 50 Degree
    $89.00 (inc GST)
    RRP: $99.80

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