Measuring Tape Tip

  • Measuring Tape Tip 50-K-5801

    A useful companion for any standard tape measure, this odd-looking device helps you measure diagonals with confidence. An angled boss on the underside is designed to locate securely on inside or outside corners while a measurement is taken.

    For an inside measurement, you simply add 25mm to the measurement indicated on the tape measure, while outside measurements are direct read.

    The tape tip also allows a tape measure to be used as a marking gauge or as a compass. Use the centre hole with a screw or nail for laying out an arc or circle, or use the V-notch end to locate a standard pencil for marking straight lines.

    It is also a handy aid when measuring longer distances – you simply hook the centre hole over a nail to secure the tip to prevent it from accidentally coming loose during measurement.

    Made from ABS, it has a generous hook slot and two integral rare-earth magnets for grip, and is bright orange for easy location in a toolbox or drawer. Destined to become a toolbox favorite, it is a great help for layouts.

    $10.00 (inc GST)

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