Incra Gauge

  • Incra Gauge IG-32

    This tool should be in every woodworkers' arsenal. Works as a precision marking gauge, freestanding depth gauge, a fence alignment gauge and a center finder. Uses genuine Incra racks for Incra precision. Next to their rules, you will find the Incra Gauge to be your most indispensable layout tool in no time at all! 

    Precision Marking Gauge

    INCRA Gauge can be used in place of a ruler or adjustable square to quickly and accurately mark out reference lines on any workpiece.

    To set the gauge, loosen the clamping nut and move the top half of the gauge to the distance that you want to measure (as indicated by the scale on the bottom half of the gauge that reads 'EDGE DISTANCE'.) Butt the lip of the bottom half against the edge of the board and make your mark along the end of the top half.

    Depth of cut Gauge

    INCRA Gauge also works as a free-standing depth of cut gauge for setting the blade or bit height on the table saw or router table. Set the top half of the gauge to the desired measurement (as indicated by the scale on the bottom half of the gauge that reads 'HEIGHT'.) Tighten the clamping nut and use either end of the gauge to set the height of your cutter.

    Fence Alignment Gauge

    For use on the table saw, router table, band saw or drill press. In order to set the distance to the inside edge of the blade, INCRA Gauge uses an indexing lip that is EXACTLY 1/8" thick. This means that you always set the gauge to a reading that is 1/8" less than the desired blade to fence distance. To do this, first set the gauge to the actual distance that you want (using the 'EDGE DISTANCE' end) and then back it off 1/8".

    Centre Finder

    INCRA Gauge can be used to accurately mark the center of the edge of any board up to 2" thick. Simply hold the gauge as shown in the drawing and place the tip of your pencil or scribe at the point of the V-shaped groove.
    $29.90 (inc GST)

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