Micro-Adjustable Marking Guage Wheel

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    Micro-Adjustable Marking Guage Wheel IG-34711

    Finally, a fully adjustable marking wheel and mortise gauge.

    Incredibly durable and easy to use, for too long a lack of adjustability has been the scorn of woodworkers using marking wheel gauges. But thanks to iGaging's impressive new offering, achieving square, repeatable marking has never been so easy. With an attractive brass fence that screams quality, one of a series of features that makes the iGaging compare very favourable with the Veritas, the MicroMarking tool will soon become a major player in the marking market.

    With it's three in one wheel marking, depth gauge and mortise gauge set of features, all for a very competitive price, we've been very impressed with the California company's latest offering.


    • 0-6in, 0-150mm scale
    • Fine Micro-Making adjustement
    • Hardened steel alloy marking blades with a bevelled edge
    • Brass fence
    • Strong locking screw
    • Doubles as a depth gauge
    • 2 Extra HHS Alloy marking blades in pack
    • Designed in California
    • 150mm 6in Long
    September Sale! $49.90 (inc GST)
    RRP: $54.90
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