Circle Marking Trammel Set

  • Circle Marking Trammel Set TRS-0236

    What does every trammel set lack that doesn’t make it accurate enough? A simple way of accurately measuring between the tips before marking the circle. This simple set nails the brief where all others we’ve seen fall behind.

    Made by the same manufacturer as our t-track, they have attached a scale to the back of the extruded and anodized aluminium profile arm. Taking 25mm-diameter solid aluminium rod, they have precision milled the two heads so they snugly saddle the aluminium extrusion and cannot rotate or twist once locked in place. The heads are held to the bar using solid brass knurled screws that do not damage the side of the bar.

    Simply line up one head with the end of the arm and then line up the LH side of the other head with the easy-to-read scale and this will represent the distance between the centres of the two pins – as accurate as it is easy to line up the head with the graduations!

    A standard pencil and two sharpened steel points are included as well as a triangular scriber blade for cutting thin materials like card, thin plastic board and scribe lines on glass. They are held in the precision milled holes with knurled brass screws that prevent damage on the steel pins and blade.

    The arm has a 914mm capacity so can mark out circles up to 1.8m diameter.

    $49.90 (inc GST)

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