Circle & Centre Markers

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  • Automatic Centre Punch MJ-845

    The 98mm long knurled brass handle fits comfortably in the hand and 25mm long hardened steel point makes marking centre points quick and easy. The point will press easily into softwoods but by pushing down on the handle the snap spring will mark a deep point in the hardest materials quickly and accurately. Sharpen the point to use as a scratch awl as well.

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    $8.90 (inc GST)
  • Centre Finder MJ-831

    A simple and very effective device to find the centre of round stock. Simply place the centre of the finder on the work piece, mark once then move to another edge and mark again. The crosshair formed by this should be very close to the centre of your work.

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    $6.90 (inc GST)
  • Centre Marker 05-N-1501

    Made from die-cast aluminium (pre-drilled for mounting near your lathe), it uses a knife-edged steel blade to score the end of a work piece. You set a square or cylinder (up to 150mm across) in the marker, tap it with a mallet, turn the wood approximately 90 degrees and tap it again. The result is two score lines that intersect at the exact centre of the wood.

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    $44.00 (inc GST)
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    Circle Marking Trammel Heads TRS-01

    Get your own timber bar (minimum recommended thickness 17mm, maximum height 54mm) and attach the trammel heads to quickly mark out circles. One head can accept a pencil or pinhead for depending on your preference. Well-made from 4.0mm steel plate.

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    Lie Flat Trammel Set MP-20041

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  • Optical Centre Punch 05-N-5901

    A centre punch is an ideal tool to use when trying to drill with twist or brad point bits as it locates the centre and stops it from wandering from the intended place you wanted to drill. Also perfect for marking the centre of a workpiece when using a centre scriber such as a trammel or spring dividers.

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