Maxisafe Safety Gloves - Hi-Cut 5 Plus

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    Maxisafe Safety Gloves - Hi-Cut 5 Plus

    Industrial Maxisafe workshop safety gloves: the last pair you'll ever have to buy...ever

    These workshop safety gloves exceed the safety standard for heavy-duty workshop gloves by 13 times. That's right, they're up to 13 times more protective, higher quality and more durable than their competitor's strongest gloves on the market. For that reason, many industrial companies now treat these gloves as standard because they're so phenomenally well made. They're effectively a pentimento of a specific type of yarn thread, scientifically designed to be tougher against sharp metals than virtually any other design humans have created.

    The perfect industrial succour to our toughest industries and applications. You can always feel safe wearing these gloves.

    Maxisafe Hi-Cut Heavy-Duty Workshop Safety Glove Features

    • Black 13-gauge Kenima/Spectra super cut resistant yarn
    • Exceeds the CE/EN388 Cut Resistant Level 5 by 13 times!!
    • High Density Polyurethane (HDPU) offers superb flexibility, durability and grip in dry or slightly wet conditions
    • Tests have proven the HDPU is up to 25 times more abrasion resistant than normal PU
    • Cool Star® Yarn offers excellent breathability and sweat absorption

    These gloves are highly recommended for industry uses 

    Whether you're wood carving and using sharp-edged woodworking tools, handling very sharp planer, circular, bandsaw or any other type of extremely sharp saw blades, dealing with glass and bottle industries, pulp and paper industries...we recommend them to everyone. They are so tough they're perfectly designed for really dangerous industries like sheet metal fabrication, automotive and steel industries, mining and construction.

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    $14.90 Clearance! (inc GST)
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