Machine Angled Outlet

  • Machine Angled Outlet YW-1061

    Sherwood's Angled Machine Dust Extraction Outlet

    With a big 4in outlet but small 190 x 110mm footprint, this angled outlet was originally designed and most commonly used as an outlet underneath bandsaw tables and can be adapted for a variety of other applications. We've used it for several machines in our workshop and found it to be a fantastic all-rounder, versatile, high-quality, durable and incredibly efficient.

    Angled Machine Dust Extraction Outlet Features

    • Secure, tight fit every time
    • Designed carefully with a bandsaw to ensure perfect functionality
    • High quality control
    • Smooth moulded edges, no rough patches

    What's so good about this Extractor Fitting Universal Adapter? (4in 100mm)

    Every Sherwood Dust Extraction Fitting is designed and then thoroughly tested with Sherwood machinery, so it fits a higher level of quality control than generic fitting equipment that merely is produced in a vacuum - many times without ever touching the machines they're supposed to work with. We ensure that every fitting has smooth, well moulded edges and no rough spots or sharp frays. We also know that every fitting fits perfectly - no leakage, no damage, only tight fits.

    $10.00 (inc GST)

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