M Power Twin Handle Diamond Lap

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    M Power Twin Handle Diamond Lap MP-20015

    The fundamental issue when sharpening larger blades (e.g. shears or mower blades) is maintaining a consistent contact at the correct angle along the entire length of the blade. Inspired by the traditional spoke shave, the Diamond Cross Twin Handle File has been developed to enable the user to employ both hands when sharpening. 

    Using both hands provides superior control over the pitch or angle of the file and has obvious advantages over its single handled counterpart. The Twin handled file really does make the task of sharpening larger blades much easier. It’s another case of why hasn’t this been done before & once you’ve had one in your hands we’re sure you’ll agree.

    300/600# Combo: The 300# would prepare an Axe or Shears edge; Allowing the 600# to hone and finish it.

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