M Power 203 x 70mm Double Sided Diamond Plate

  • M Power 203 x 70mm Double Sided Diamond Plate MP-20107

    M Power Double Sided Diamond Plate

    New look design! Now with 300grit one side and 1200 grit on the back side.

    Using the finest materials available, this 203 x 70mm Benchstone is a unique laminated hybrid combining the advantages of Stainless steel and O1 Tool Steel. The result is a fantastic finish every time on a flat, high-quality surface.

    The monocrystalline diamond plates are made of high quality rust-proof stainless steel.

    Double Sided - M Power decided very early on that it made no sense to manufacture single sided diamond stones. The cost of the Stainless steel remains the same for a single or double sided. So they have doubled its usefulness.

    At its core is a precision ground, tool steel plate that provides the first building block of an ultra flat diamond surface. Finished tolerance +/- 0.00175” ( 0.044mm) across entire length. 

    Please Note: Pictures and YouTube videos are of old design.


    Watch the Full Video above or on our Timbecon Youtube Channel

    • Quality Assured - If it does not meet an overall tolerance of +/- 0.00175” / 0.044mm across the entire length and width of the diamond stone, it does not pass QA and you will not see it at Timbecon. 
    • Double Sided 300-1200 Grit
      • Side One Coarse 300 grit diamond grade - Used for fast stock removal, Ideal for the preparation of the edge.  
      • Side Two Fine 1200 grit diamond grade - Used for fine honing and finishing.
    • Diamond Cross Patterned Recess - The highly distinctive DC embossed patterned recesses provides the perfect balance between the ultra hardwearing diamond coverage and anti clog properties of the recess pattern. 
    • In Surface Grit Indicator - On each side of the stone there’s a large embedded number that indicates the grade of the plate side. 
    • Diamond Stone Holder - The new interlocking magnetic Nitrile rubber stone holders safely hold your Bench stone steady on a work surface. They can also hold a range of other regular diamond stones including the smaller tricky to hold credit cards. 
    • Cleaning Block - Quickly removes debris and dirt build up on the diamond plate surface, leaving it as new in seconds. 
    • Storage Wallet - Packed in a well made canvas storage wallet with a Velcro strip fastener.

    $179.00 (inc GST)

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