Luban Bench Plane Handle Set

  • Luban Bench Plane Handle Set QSBBPH-45

    Looking for a replacement plane handle set? 

    Luban hand plane handles are made from select hardwood, set off with high quality solid brass fittings and a natural waxed finish. The handles sit firmly in the palm and are comfortable to use for extended periods.

    Because the Luban is based off the traditional Stanley Bedrock plane design, the handles should be able to be easily adapted to most hand planes such as Record, Stanley etc.

    Perfect for restoring that old plane from grandpa

    Have an old plane that was passed down as a keep sake? The timber handle is quite often the first part to have deteriorated beyond repair. This kit is the ideal way to breathe new life into that piece of family history.

    Does Not Include Plane.
    Handle Material Select Hardwood
    Package Contents One front and rear handle


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