Low Angle Smoothing Plane

  • Low Angle Smoothing Plane 05-P-2501

    A low-angle smoothing plane is used to smooth surfaces and, with its generous side wings, is ideal for shooting mitres. Its low cutting angle of 37° minimizes fiber tearing, making it ideal for end-grain work.

    With a bed angle of 12°, this is a bevel-up plane. It features an adjustable mouth with a unique stop-screw, a combined feed and lateral adjustment knob for blade setting, and a bubinga front knob and rear handle.

    The cast-iron body is 254 x 63.5mm, weighing in at just over 1.6kg. It includes a lapped 25° bevel blade, 50.8 x 3.2mm thick, in A2 tool steel. 

    If you have never owned a low-angle smoother, you will find it a delight to use and one of your favorite planes.

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