Low Angle Small Bevel-Up Plane

  • Low Angle Small Bevel-Up Plane 05-P-3971

    With a size comparable to a #3 bench plane, this low-angle smoother is 230mm long, 58.7mm wide and weighs only 1.25kg. Smaller and lighter than a full-size smoother, it is easier to maneuver and is less fatiguing to use for extended periods. Further, since the blade is narrower, at 44.5mm wide, cuts are easier to push through. 

    Like the full-size versions, it is useful for final finishing of surfaces, end-grain work and for shooting miters. The machined and surface ground ductile cast iron body has a 12° bed angle and a movable toe fully enclosed by the body casting.

    The locking front knob controls the toe to set the mouth opening, while an unobtrusive stop-screw in the throat allows repeatable mouth setting and prevents contact between the blade and toe. The Norris-type adjuster mechanism combines feed and lateral adjustments, making blade setting accurate and easy. Set screws on either side of the blade prevent shifting in use. The front knob and rear handle are hardwood.

    Yielding an effective cutting angle of 37° to minimize fiber tearing, the included 25° bevel blade is 3.2mm thick, lapped, and comes with a PMV-11 steel blade.

    $409.00 (inc GST)

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