Low-Angle Jack Plane

  • Low-Angle Jack Plane MTC-40244

    Low Angle Jack Bench Plane

    Based on the highly sort after and renowned Stanley #62 low angle jack plane. The low angle jack plane is regularly named "the plane you need if you could only have one plane". Designed originally for heavy stock removal across the grain, the low angle jack plane has quickly found itself popular amongst people looking for a plane that can be used shooting mitres, initial smoothing of figured timbers and working on end-grain where tear-out is a real concern.

    Always wanted a low angle jack but couldn't justify the cost of a speciality plane? This plane has all the features of a high end branded plane without the price tag. We had this plane made as a one-off run for the time being to see if there was a market for an unbranded plane, built to the specs of the high-end brands for those wanting an affordable choice.

    Single Factory Run

    This jack plane is from a single factory run. We wanted to see if we could get a run of Low Angle Jack Planes that rivalled the more expensive brands for a cheaper price. These plane are basically engineering samples. This means that they may have some minor blemishes, are unbranded and come in a plain white box. Nothing that will affect their ability to perform as intended.

    62 x 355mm sole with 51mm-wide blade

    2.78kg makes for a smoother plane

    High-Carbon Steel Blade

    Precision ground and lapped sole and wings

    Satin-finished timber handles with brass hardware


    Weight 2.78kg
    Sole Size 62 x 355 mm
    Overall Height 135 mm
    Blade Width 51 mm
    Blade Bevel 22.5 degrees


    $299.00 (inc GST)

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