Livos Glanos Liquid Wax Cleaner - 250ml

  • Livos Glanos Liquid Wax Cleaner - 250ml 559-CL-0250

    Use on timber floors every 4th wash to restore shine without a build-up of wax. Cleans whilst leaving a thin layer of wax to restore gloss.


    To periodically add a wax sheen to timber and linoleum floors. 


    Clear liquid wax.


    Mix 10 ml in 5L bucket of water. Wring out, and damp mop the floor. Use every 4th wash only to avoid a build-up of wax. 


    Water, potash, shellac wax, carnauba wax, Japan wax, corn germ oil potassium soap, sugar-fatty-acid condensate, citric acid, ethanol and glycerol.



    $18.50 (inc GST)

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