Liquid Gloss Epoxy Finish

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    Liquid Gloss Epoxy Finish

    Glass Coat is an advanced two component epoxy resin developed in Australia to provide a professional, high gloss surface in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional varnish. One application is equivalent to 50 coats of traditional varnish. Simply mix part A and part B in equal quantities, stir to mix and then pour onto the surface. One of the main benefits of Glasscoat is that it has low VOC's (odour and airborne chemical contaminants) making it simple, easy and safe to use.

    Approximate coverage is 100mL per 30 x 30cm area, which equates to approximately 1.1 - 1.2L per square metre.

    240mL Kit (120mL Part A + 120mL Part B)
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    10L Kit (5L Part A + 5L Part B)
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