King Pocket Waterstone - 1000 Grit

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    King Pocket Waterstone - 1000 Grit WSP-1000

    This pocket-sized Sun Tiger Deluxe Waterstone is made in Osaka Japan by stone manufacturer Matsunaga. This stone is ideal for sharpening knives, scissors, fine carving tools and other smaller blades. Perfect for anyone who needs to keep their tools ultra-sharp.

    Sharpening your tools by hand is a core discipline of woodworking. A skill that every serious woodworker must take the time to master. Using Japanese Waterstones to sharpen your tools is great option for anyone wanting to sharpen their tools by hand.

    This 1000 grit Sun Tiger Pocket Size Deluxe Waterstone is ideal for sharpening all sorts of hand tools including knives, scissors, fine carving tools and other small blades. Keep one in your workshop or kitchen drawer, site kit or fishing haversack. Great if you are heading bush for the weekend to woodwork in the wild.

    Key Features

    • 1000 grit Deluxe waterstone
    • Sharpens, removes nicks from tool steels quickly and easily
    • Beautifully packaged in a discrete cardboard box
    • Convenient pocket sized waterstone, fits easily in your toolbox or apron pocket
    • Sun Tiger Waterstones are a quality product 100% made in Japan

    Your 1000 grit waterstone

    A 1000 grit waterstone is your go to stone for a range of basic sharpening tasks. Use this stone to flatten, remove nicks from the edge or prepare a blade for honing. Keep one handy so you are always working sharp.

    About waterstones

    Sun Tiger waterstones are synthetic. Meaning they are manufactured usually from Aluminium oxide suspended in a clay matrix.

    Waterstones require water to function, so soak your waterstone in water before use. Water will penetrate the stone matrix and help to form a ‘sharpening slurry’ as the stone wears during use. It’s ok to allow your stone to dry out when not in use.


    Waterstones wear during use. As the tool steel works the clay matrix breaks down exposing fresh sharp Aluminium particles. This action is why waterstones sharpen so quickly. Because they wear, waterstones must be flatten regularly using a flattening stone or other flattening setup.

    Who is Matsunaga?

    The Japanese sharpening stone manufacturer Matsunaga is located in Osaka Japan. Matsunaga is known and loved world-wide, particularly for its feature brand King Waterstones. They are the oldest and best-known maker of Japanese water stones in the West.


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